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Kanae Kocho was a Demon Slayer and the late Flower Hashira who died by Upper Rank Two, Doma. She was the biological older sister of Shinobu Kocho and the adoptive older sister of Kanao Tsuyuri. She had a gentle personality, a dream of peace, and a stricter side.

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Kanae was killed by Dōma. Several years after the Kochō sisters freed and adopted Kanao Tsuyuri, Kanae encountered Dōma, the Upper Rank Two of the Twelve Kizuki. Dōma was fascinated by her, and the two engaged in a bitter fight. Kanae was fatally wounded by Dōma, who could not devour her because the sun was rising, so he had to flee.

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Kanae was killed before the series began, but that doesn't make her death any less tragic. Kanae found herself in battle against the Upper 2 demon, Doma, and dealt severe damage to him, forcing him to retreat before the sun could rise.

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1 Kanae Kocho Killed By Upper Moon Two One of the first named human deaths outside Tanjiro's family, Kanae Kocho was Shinobu's older sister and predecessor. Soft-spoken and kind but by no means a pushover, Kanae met her untimely end at the hands of a high-ranking fiend, Doma, the second-highest-ranked member of the Upper Moon demons.

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He died while fighting Shinobu and Kanao, with the former having dosed herself with enough Wisteria poison to kill Doma; as Doma ingested her, the poison started working, and Doma was soon killed. Shinobu sacrificed herself to kill the powerful Demon.

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Between Kanae's death and the Rehabilitation Training Arc, she recovers slightly but still relies on her coin to make decisions. She displays a somewhat mechanical response in conversations; when Tanjiro Kamado approaches her to bid to her farewell, she repeats "goodbye" when he attempts to continue the conversation. [6]

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